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We empower women to overcome obstacles and abuses so they can pursue their dreams in communities of hope.

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Change is a part of life and our organization.

APT was born in the spring of 2016 as a nonprofit law firm serving low-to-moderate income women. We fought for women facing problems at work with the result that:

  • nannies and housekeepers escaped labor trafficking;

  • low-wage women won tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages; and

  • women who suffered serious crimes at work received immigration relief.

Our work helped women survive workplace abuses. But survival is not enough. Women should thrive. So, in 2018, we are launching the Thrive Program, we three elements:

Survive: We continue to help women to escape and confront labor trafficking, sexual harassment, wage theft, and other abuses at work.

Strive: We are building women-led cooperatives and expanding women’s skills and opportunities in business.

Thrive: We are helping women to transform their experiences into local policies that help other women. And we are launching the Thrive Fund, a survivor-led fund to give small grants to women for emergencies and for economic empowerment.


Our Programs

Our Program helps women survive workplace abuses, strive for greater economic opportunity through small business, and thrive by helping make this journey possible for other women by offering individual support and changing public policies together.



We reach out to women with community education about rights at work. We provide free legal assistance or referrals to women in areas of wage theft, sexual harassment, and labor trafficking. We help women seek justice as a step on the road from survival to thriving.


We help women thrive by giving back to others and the community. The survivor-led Thrive Fund gives small grants to women for emergencies and for economic empowerment. And we train women to become community advocates. As advocates, they can transform their experiences into public policies that expand opportunities for all.


We work with individual women after they have left exploitative or abusive workplace situations to develop economic opportunities. We support individuals who have started small businesses to get training and expert help. We are incubating women-led worker cooperatives, an important and expanding way to advance economic stability and prosperity.

#nevernotworking arts activism

We raise consciousness through the arts. The #Nevernotworking exhibit, led by Miami Girls Foundation with APT, will be at the Untitled Art tent on South Beach during Art Basel week. The exhibit highlights the undervalued work of household workers and the problem of labor trafficking. A social media blitz throughout December will be supported by nonprofit partners and small and socially-conscious businesses. Contact us to become a partner!


Get Involved

We are happy to work with volunteers and interns and to talk with individuals looking for a place to turn for help with workplace concerns. And we are eager to engage community groups and small or socially conscious businesses as partners in our arts activism. To get involved, contact Jen Hill at jen.hill@advocacypartnersteam.org.


To learn how to become a partner in #nevernotworking arts activism, contact us

If you would like to get more information about how to become a #Nevernotworking arts community or business partner, contact us.

Volunteer opportunities & workplace rights information

If you would like to learn about other volunteer opportunities or talk about a workplace concern, contact us.

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We run on a bare-bones budget and appreciate all donations. Please share to help expand economic opportunity and voice for women!


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